Election 2016 NPP will win December polls by 60% one-touch - Freddie Blay predicts

Freddie Blay said victory is in their hands and "it is up to us as a party to claim it, making sure that nothing stops them from returning to the corridors of power."

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Freddie Blay with Nana Akomea play

Freddie Blay with Nana Akomea

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The acting national chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Freddie Blay, has declared that with oneness of purpose and a united front, the party will win at least 60 percent of the valid votes in the December 2016 general elections.

According to him, the party is not looking at winning this year's election with just 53 percent of the total votes, as predicted by a chief in the north, but rather a landslide victory that will not only overwhelm the ruling government, but will make it exceedingly difficult for any party to reject the verdict of the people.

“Don’t ask me about confidence in the EC, it’s not about an issue of confidence in the EC or not, the EC has played its role, we’ve played our role. We have commented on and brought issues concerning reforms and so forth, some are being implemented we cant say we are entirely satisfied, but that as it may, we are ready for the game.”

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Speaking to the media at an event in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Freddie Blay stated that, “In Ashanti Region we expect over 90%, in Ghana we will definitely have a landslide we are not in for 52% or 53% as people are saying, we are aiming at over 60% and as I said it’s a one touch -victory landslide for us. What I’m saying is that this country is fed up with the NDC, a government that is corrupt and a government that is not performing. There’s the need for change come December 7 election.”

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He is convinced that with the level of despondency which cuts across all facets of the socio-political and economic life, it is obvious that the party will return to power and form the next government under the supervision of Nana Akufo-Addo.

He added: "the levels of poverty in this country under this government is too much and this country is fed up with the incompetence of the government; they are fed up with the lies and propaganda being churned out each day; Ghanaians are angry and when you go to the north the anger and frustrations on the faces of the people there are so visible to the extent that they now see hope in us."

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He said, victory is in their hands and "it is up to us as a party to claim it, making sure that nothing stops them from returning to the corridors of power."

Mr Blay said the party had taken a position to fight its own fight "and we will approach this election as if we are going to play an away match. And we are ready for a tactical game only for this victory."

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