Cooking Hacks 5 ways to use leftover fish in new dishes

Give that fish a new life in kedgeree. Re-purpose leftover cooked rice by heating it up in a pan with mustard seeds, turmeric, and aromatics, then stir in flaked fish and greens until they’re just warmed through.

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Fish pie play

Fish pie

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It’s a shame to waste extra fish while you can twist it into a new delicious recipe.

Fish and seafood are so delicious to throw leftover in the bin, with a few techniques and other ingredients, you can serve your guests and family with new dishes.

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The first thing to know about using leftover fish: Be careful with reheating. Let there be no quick nukes in the microwave and no second shots at pan-searing such forays will only dry out your fish and leave your kitchen with a smell that makes you want to order take-out. If you must use direct heat, make it very gentle and very brief, according to

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