Sex Tips 5 things nobody tells you about sex

Sex injuries happen. Like accidentally kicking his manhood while switching positions or banging your head on the wall during cowgirl sex position.

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When it comes to sex most of us get our first hand information from movies and telenovelas. Very few people are lucky to have their parents tell them the truth about sex.

Sex is not openly talked about in the homes, schools or other places. Sex is great but below are five things about sex you will only hear on this platform.

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1.As seen in movies, sex mates reach orgasm at the time. In reality, one out of Ten couples ‘come’ at the same time.

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2. All lazy couples don't enjoy all the goodies in sex. Same old boring sex positions because they have no stamina.

Sharing chores or going to the gym makes the act of sex easily and both partners sexually satisfy each other in the bedroom. The couple is energetic to try new daring and adventurous sex positions adding more juice to their relationship.

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3.Sex injuries happen. Like accidentally kneeing your man in the balls while switching positions or banging your head on the wall during cowgirl.

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4. Sex fantasies are totally different from daily lives. Being submissive in bed doesn’t mean you are weak and submissive in your daily endeavour.

Likewise being dominant during sexual intercourse might not necessary mean you are a control freak outside the bedroom.

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5. Most women don’t produce enough natural lubrication. Make sure a buy some lubes for your next match.

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