Real Talk 5 bad relationship habits to quit in 2017

Show your significant how much you appreciate him or her with little gestures. Try spending heart-warming messages to them at least five time daily

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The non-dating habit

Some couples get complacent at times. Couple stop going on dates because they have found someone. They risk the spark that brought them together in the first place.

In 2017, spend more time with your partner, go out and dine this weekend or go on a couple’s vacation. If couples become more like roommates than lovers, it is very difficult to find your way back to romantic love.

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Unplug your world

Unless you are expecting an emergency call, stay away from your smartphones when you are with your partner.

Some people forget their manner when chatting on their phones. They often reply with "Mm hmm, mm hmm, yep..." while simultaneously playing Candy Crush.

Even in the bedroom, they are still tweeting when things are heating up. Try and spend some alone time with your partner in the bedroom or do chores togethers.

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Stop the blame game

Playing the blame game can turn into dirty fighting as the couple begins to call each other names, hitting below the belt.

It is normal for a couple to agree to disagree, the way we handle such situations can have a great impact on the relationship.

Act maturely, accept responsibilities for your mistakes, feelings, and reaction when interacting with your partner to avoid unnecessary lovers brawl.

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Show appreciation

Let your spouse know every day how you value them, how to always yearn to be with them. Tell him you love them, send text messages, emoji, emails or thank you cards to show appreciation. It lures them to continue their good deeds and promotes a healthy relationship.

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Stop teasing

Every relationship needs a little fun and excitement to revive things but don’t go the extreme.

Teasing him about everything he does from his clothing to haircut, even the way he brushes his teeth can be quite sexy the first time. After a while, it gets boring and demoralizing. The only way to is to help him to adopt the right habit of doing things.

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