Love and Sex 5 places to have insane sex experience

Out of the box locations are definitely a great way to spice things up and create some awesome memories

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Happy couple

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Enjoying some intimate time with your partner in your bedroom is fine but can be boring at times. Having sexual encounters outside your home is quite adventurous, ignite your relationship and help you feel sexually empowered.

Having sexual encounter in a new location get your adrenaline pumping, which helps you get even more aroused than usual and those thrilling experiences are unforgettable.

but there are some crazy places to have sex that can make it even hotter. We've compiled quite the list of steamy spots to do the nasty, from rooftops and kitchen counters to planes, trains, and automobiles.

Some women struggle to reach the orgasm because they might not be focused or they are limited in the kinds of positions they can do.

Below are 5 places men can give their partners that mind blowing orgasms she has been dreaming off.

  • On the beach

Women easily get turn on at the right temperature. Beach sex, definitely at night is a must do for all couples especially those who want to ignite their relationship after been apart for some months. Ride with the rhyme of the waves like the man you are suppose to be.

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  • In the bed of a truck

As crazy as it might sound, having sex in the bed of a truck is always fun, no matter your age. And if you’ve never done it, then you should put it on your list.

The sensation deeps while the woman lies on his chest and watching the stars, reminiscing the wild experience.

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  • In a tent

Your vacation get graduated to new level when you have sex in a tent. It is very amazing because there isn't any clean up. You can just build your tent and it can be all about sex, naughty in nature.

  • In a closet

As a man always gear up the unexpected because some women get aroused at an unusual place such as in a closet. Tight space, where she can hold you tightly and get sweaty.

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  • On the bleachers (football stands)

Do something unexpected. Have sex in your favourite stadium on the stands. Incorporate the energy and enthusiasm you use to cheer your favorite team into the act for a thrilling experience of a life time.

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