Botched Surgery Man loses sex life, testicles over vasectomy gone wrong

After undergoing a vasectomy in January 2012 to sterilize himself as a form of family planning, Daniel Neal may never be able to have sex.

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Daniel and Sara Neal and three of five kids play

Daniel and Sara Neal and three of five kids

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A botched vasectomy might be spelling the end of a30-year-old man's sex life and well as the loss of his testicles.

The father-of-five identified as Daniel Neal has only been able to have sex with his wife, Sara one in the last four years which only landed him in the hospital, in excruciating pain.

According to the reports, Daniel underwent a vasectomy in Nottingham, January 2012 to sterilize himself as a form of family planning.

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The irreversible procedure has left Daniel in “constant and unbearable agony” and he is convinced that the operation has “destroyed his life.”

Daniel who had his first child at 19 and has fathered four girls and a boy said the 12 anesthetic injections he had been given failed to work and that he “could feel everything” throughout the course of the surgery.

The Sun reports that Daniel has suffered sharp shooting pains from his groin to his stomach for the last four years since the procedure.

According to medical practitioners, Daniel is reportedly suffering from "post-vasectomy pain syndrome.”

The condition is said to be a known complication arising from the surgery but its cause remains unclear.

It is reportedly triggered by various scenarios, according to experts and one of them include a build-up of scar tissue in the area.

Another scenario could be a leak of sperm into the testicle tissue which can also cause pain by triggering intense inflammation as the body sees the sperm as a foreign body.

Other theories surrounding the condition include nerve damage caused during the surgery, and interrupting the natural drainage of sperm.

The Sun reports that Daniel has been on morphine tablets for the last three years because of the pain.

The reports reveal that the once doting dad has been driven to suicide over his condition but is on a waiting list to have an operation in which his scrotum will be pumped full of anti-inflammatory drugs.

If the procedure fails, they will have no choice but to have his testicles removed altogether.

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Speaking to the Sun Online, Daniel said: "They can take my testicles for all I care. I just want the pain to be over.

“They can take them like a dog, I just want to be free of the pain.”

Daniel is trapped in his own form of hell, which might leave him more or less a eunuch.

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