Beauty Tips Top 6 concealer secrets you need to know

A concealer is a multi-tasking makeup product, capable of subtly changing almost any makeup imperfection

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Concealer is something you will find in almost every woman’s makeup kit. But very few of us discovered all the beauty benefits of concealers.

More than concealing dark circles, it is a multi-tasking makeup; capable of subtly changing almost any makeup imperfection.

Concealer first, then foundation

Always apply concealer before foundation. It helps to hide blemishes or dark circles or acne before applying the foundation for a perfect look.

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Always choose  a lighter shade

Whenever you are buying a concealer, choose a shade lighter than your foundation. Especially if you’re applying concealer to dark or red areas, using one shade lighter than the rest of your makeup will help to even out those tones.

However, be wary not to go too much lighter or darker with the product, though, as it can be a dead giveaway that you’re wearing too much makeup.

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Don’t forget your primer

Your eye shadows can only stay in place  only if you use a primer especially if you’re planning a long night. Primers help to make your shadow colors more vivid because it neutralizes your eyelid color first.

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Always use a sponge

For the evenest distribution, apply concealer along the bottom of your eye in four or five small dots. Using a makeup sponge, gently blot the concealer into skin. Applying in dots will help with even, crease-free distribution of the concealer. 

Finish with loose powder

Complete your look especially under your eyes, loose powder over top of concealer helps to set it in place and goes one step further to even out skin tone. Simply use a translucent powder with a large, fluffy brush to sweep powder over the concealer.

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Use concealers to clean up makeup mistakes

Clean up stray mascara (or other makeup) by dipping a cotton swab in a bit of concealer you’re cleaning up the area and covering it up at the same time.

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